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UAMS Hospital to Limit Patient Visits

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) plans to change its visitor policy, allowing only one visitor per patient per day. This is planned to go into effect on Monday, July 26.

While recognizing the need for the comfort of family during a medical situation and complying with the “No Patient Left Alone” Act, UAMS also wants to restrict visitation to help quell the COVID-19 infection rates of previously un-infected patients.

UAMS will continue to encourage virtual visitations in leu of in person visitations and those who do come to the campus in person will continue to be required to complete a health check and to wear a mask and ID badge. In end-of-life situation, UAMS intends to allow additional visitors, provided they meet all other requirements. All visitors will also be limited to their patient’s rooms while visiting.

UAMS has spent the last 18 month working with families to make sure they can have as much contact as possible, and have developed many creative solutions.

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