Supply shortages across all industries cause Arkansas businesses to struggle

Since the Start of the Covid-19 Pandemic, companies across all industries have been suffering from rolling supply shortages.

“Foil has gone up significantly since we’ve come back from the pandemic,” said Miranda Nonnemacher, hairstylist at Studio C. Salon.

Studio C. Salon has seen both price increases and increased time for supplies to arrive after ordering.

Grant Kidd, president of Pasta J’s, reports rolling shortages. One week its nitrile gloves, another week its chicken and to go boxes, next week it could be something else.

Everything from a shortage of truck drivers to higher shipping prices are complicating issues of restoring supply lines faster than rising demand, reports Michael Pakko, local economist.

“a 100-piece pack of gloves has gone up from $10 to $17,” Crystal Shoemake, owner of the StudioC. Salon.

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