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New-case tally in state at lowest level since early July

Arkansas saw 396 new covid-19 cases reported Monday to health officials, the lowest daily increase since early July when daily case counts dropped to the mid-200s.

By comparison, the state reported 646 cases the previous week, which was almost 300 fewer than the number reported two weeks ago.

Likewise, active cases in the state dropped to 15,004, a number not seen since July 26 when 14,627 active cases were reported.

The number of patients in intensive care units fell by five, to 440. There were 70 ICU beds available in the state late Monday afternoon, an increase of 20 from Sunday, when 50 ICU beds were open.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jennifer Dillaha said the rollout of vaccine booster shots to the general population will not start until Friday at the earliest.

Last week, an advisory committee of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration rejected a Pfizer proposal for covid-19 boosters across the board and instead recommended keeping the boosters to those who are 65 or older or are at high risk.

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