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Illegal dumping becoming worse in Pulaski County since start of pandemic

The pandemic is to blame for a rash of illegal trash dumping in Pulaski County.

It’s a common occurrence, but county officials say it’s become worse in the last year.  

“Everyone who lives here ought to be fed up with it,” said Craig Douglass, executive director of Regional Recycling.

The trash is out of sight and out of mind for those who dump it, but it’s still pesky and irritating to those who commute and live in Pulaski County.

Some roads are covered with illegal dumpsites like along Carter Road in College Station.

“Don’t do it. Don’t dump,” said Douglass. “People have of course been home more often than not.”

Over the pandemic families have collected more trash they can get rid of.

And a lot of those bulky items like furniture, electronics, old tires, and toys, are tossed along the side of roads near businesses, residential areas, and other areas in the county.

Now officials are concerned for the public’s health because with more illegal dumping, comes more of a breeding ground for mosquitos and rodents.

“It’s also an economic problem and an economic development problem. It has the effect of decreasing property value,” said Douglass.

The county needs your help. If you see someone illegally dump trash, you are asked to contact the sheriff’s office.

If you are someone who needs to get rid of large bulks of trash and you don’t know what to do with it you can get in contact with the public works department.

There are several green stations located throughout the county for trash you cannot typically throw away in your bin.

To report an illegal dumpsite, the Pulaski County Public Works Department number is 501-340-6800.

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