Explore the data on COVID-19 with the Dashboard

The COVID-19 Dashboard offers an interactive perspective of the social and economic impacts the pandemic is having on the State of Arkansas.

About the COVID-19 Dashboard

A dashboard is a tool for viewing various types of geographic information and data.

The purpose of the COVID‑19 Dashboard is to highlight the various social and economic impacts and challenges that communities are facing. It is designed to give an interactive overview of various datasets as they relate to Arkansas during the pandemic.

Phase I – Data on the State of Arkansas and the surrounding States

Phase II – Data on Arkansas counties & Development Districts (coming soon)

Most COVID-19 dashboards focus on the total number of infections, recoveries, and deaths. Not wanting to duplicate these valuable efforts, AEDI approached the COVID-19 Dashboard from its various areas of expertise: Economics, Demographics, Community Development, Healthcare, Census, and GIS.

How to Use the Dashboard